BC ARES Frequencies

In priority order:
  1. W6RHC, 146.850-, PL110.9
  2. N6YCK, 147.105+, PL100.9
  3. W6SCR, 145.290-, PL110.9 (only if not in use by Sheriff Comm Reserve)

Simplex Frequencies

  1. 146.550
  2. 147.540
  3. 146.520


  • Ham repeaters in Butte County can be found here.
  • Public Safety frequencies can be found here.

Emergency Center of Activity (CoA)

The center of activity frequencies for emergency communications, (CoA) frequencies centers of activity were established by IARU-promulgated gentlemen's agreements, and are not well understood by the amateur community at large. The IARU has advocated that contesting and other such activity be curtailed on or adjacent to them. 

All amateurs should be aware of these frequencies, and be cognizant of the fact that often stations requiring emergency assistance are not high powered stations with great antenna systems. Often they are mobiles, portables operating from the bush with a simple wire antenna or on a sailboat. We need to have these close at hand and learn about the CoA frequencies and help educate fellow amateurs. There are frequencies in each of the HF amateur allocations worldwide.

The Emergency Center of Activity (CoA) Frequencies are:

  • On 15 meters, 21.360 MHz
  • On 17 meters, 18.160 MHz
  • On 20 meters, 14.300 MHz
  • On 40 meters, 7060 kHz
  • On 80 meters, 3760 kHz